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Login information

If you wish to request a login please send us an email to saeil@saeil.dk with the following information:
-Your customer number (existing customers)
-Name of business
-Desired password
-Email address
-Name of person making this request
If you are an existing customer please also update us on the details below, unless you are sure that we have them correctly.
If you are requesting a login as a new customer, we need your information including all of the points below.
-Your business phone number
-Postal code and city
-Phone number
-Fax number
-Mobile phone number
-Business registration number (tax ID)
-The name of the business owner(s)
-The type of business
-Any comments
We will activate your login, usually within one business day, and inform you by email or phone.
Webbureauet Krogstrup & Hede