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Quick guide to website

We are certain that non-Danish speakers can make good use of this website.
In addition to the English menu above, you may also access the Danish top menu to catch a glimpse of our collection etc.
Logging in to our products menu:
When you first click anywhere in the left-side menu, you will be promted to log in.  Enter your customer number and password and click LOGIN.
You can then browse our products and place orders.
If you do not yet have a login, CLICK HERE.
As you make your way around in the left-side menu, there is one simple rule-of-thumb:  Click on the pictures!
The large assortment of products and their pictures are continously updated as new items arrive and others are sold out.  If an item lacks a picture, it usually just means that it will appear soon.
And you may need these key words:
Produkt søgning = Product search
Ordre = Order
Bestil = Add to order
Videre = Next
Tilbage = Back
Din ordre = Your order
Annuller = Cancel
Bekræft ordre = Confirm order
Antal = Quantity
Varenr. = Item number
Varebeskrivelse = Product description
ass. = assorted
Pris = Price
slet = remove/delete
stk. = pieces
pk. = packets
ps. = bags
rl. = rolls
sæt = sets
ks. = boxes
spl. = spools
ngl. = ball (of yarn)
Udsolgt / Udgået = Sold out
Tilbud = sale (reduced price)
Førpris = previous price
I alt ekskl. moms = sum excluding sales tax
Alle priser er angivet ekskl. dansk moms og ekskl. fragt
   = all prices are shown excluding Danish sales tax and
      excluding shipping charges
Kunde information = Customer information
Ca. leverings dato = Approximate date of delivery
Ordre oversigt = order review
   Here you can review your order before sending it.
   Please check that each item only appears once.
   Go back to your order to change the quantity of an
   item and/or to delete repeated item lines.
Send ordre = Send order
If you wish to have this content available as you go on, we suggest that you first open this page in a new window:
In the English menu, right-click on Guide & Login and click Open in new window.
You can now bring this window up any time by pressing Alt+TAB.
Or you can simply print this page by clicking here:  PRINT
You are of course welcome to give us a call if you would like assistance
tel +45 3257 4340, or email us at saeil@saeil.dk
Searching and ordering:
[PRODUCT SØGNING] can be used to search for a known item number or a (Danish) word in the product name.  When you have a search result and click on a item therein, the product's information and photo are shown.  Simultaneously, the left-side menu opens, so you can see where the item is placed.
Pictures of ribbons can only be viewed by clicking on the ribbon's colour in the left-side menu, just as certain decoration items only can be viewed in the menu Deko II.
Time-out:  If you are inactive on the website for more than 30 minutes, you are automatically logged off, and asked to log in again when you again click in the left-side menu.  Items, which you have already selected will still be listed in your order, and you can just continue.
Note however that your order is emptied, if you close your browser window.
We hope that our website will be of inspiration and good use to you and your business.
Webbureauet Krogstrup & Hede